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Cardinal Sins of Agent Installation and Image Deployment

Common Questions

Moving ZCM from 2003 to 2008


Best Practices

Why ZCM is not like ZDM

  • Installing the agent in the image.

Never ever do this unless you want to experience the following issues.

Deploying Software to OSX

This is very new stuff here and it's not complete. Here are a few tips that helped me.

Bundle or Policy Rules

Sometimes you need to limit Bundles or Policies to specific machine types. https://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2004/09/21/how-can-i-determine-if-a-computer-is-a-laptop-or-a-desktop-machine.aspx

  1. Use a VB script
  2. Set the result to a machine registry key
  3. set bundle to limit to the registry key

Bundle Error Messages

Errors are not always errors

[ZenworksWindowsService] [16] [] [BundleManager] [] [Error is: Failed to launch setup.exe.  Exit code: 1]

This error could actually mean that the setup finished, but that a reboot or that a previous client was uninstalled first. Do not assume that "failed to launch" means that the EXE could not be launch. ZENworks expects the return code to be 0, but you can specify other return codes as needed. So in this cause I would recommend specifying 1 as a successful return code.

Health Checks

A list of TIDS and health checks that I perform when a customer asks for a System Health Check.

Performance Tuning








ZENworks Database http://goo.gl/TdXee

Scalability of Primary Server http://goo.gl/JWZKk

AntiVirus and Conflicts with ZENworks

It is very important that your Antivirus Software not conflict with ZENworks. Please check out these helpful TIDs.

Firewall Requirements

Primary Server

Workstations must be able to talk to the server, which is listening on the following ports.

Port Service Description
80 ZCC Tomcat Required for Admin and workstation communication
443 ZCC Tomcat Required for Admin and workstation communication
2645 ZCC Tomcat Required for Admin and workstation communication
5550 ZCC Tomcat Required for Admin and workstation communication
7628 Quicktasks All versions

Windows Agent


DisablePassiveModeLoginPrompt fails to disable prompt

https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7014453 On a device with tight user restrictions on registry, ZENworks login failure results in ZENworks login prompt despite the setting of: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\ZCM\ZenLgn] "DisablePassiveModeLoginPrompt"=dword:00000001

Forcing registration

  • zac unr -f -s
  • zac cc
  • zac fsg -d
  • Delete Novell\ZENworks\config\deviceguid.sav
  • Delete Novell\ZENworks\config\devicedata.sav
  • Delete Novell\ZENworks\cache\zmd

Registry Hacks

The complete list of Registry Tweaks can be found here [1]

EnableSeamlessLogin DWORD=1


To enable seamless authentication for a user on a device, set this registry key value to 1

Important Tools

Introduction ZENworks Diagnostic Center (ZDC) performs a series of diagnostic tests on ZCM Primary Servers and determines the state of the Primary Servers and the Management zone. Currently, ZDC provides the following three verifiers:

ZENworks System Files Verifier: This verifier verifies the existence and consistency of critical system files required by ZENworks Configuration Management. ZENworks Database Schema Verifier: This verifier validates the correctness of the schema (tables, indexes, database procedures, etc) of the database used by ZENworks Configuration Management. ZENworks Content Verifier: This verifier validates the existence and consistency of the contents hosted on the current Primary Server. Some of the verifiers compare the baseline data that is collected from known good deployments with the data of the deployment whose health has to be determined. The baseline data for each release of ZCM from version 10.2.0 onwards will be published by Novell.

Download HERE ZENworks Diagnostics Center http://www.novell.com/communities/node/9479/zenworks-diagnostics-center